Map Tools

The Gary Data Exploration Tool (DE-Tool) was designed to provide Gary community members with a convenient way to explore map-based data about the City of Gary during the comprehensive planning process. Maps primarily focus on neighborhood level socio-economic indicators and demographics.

The Economic Vitality Tool was designed to help identify opportunities for new land and business development in the city. This includes potentially available land, infrastructure, and existing businesses that play an important role in new development. Heat maps of the city identify concentrations of different factors for new development. Properties are ranked on a scale of 0 - 100 on various factors to help guide new development.

The Green Infrastructure Tool (GGIT) was created by Dynamo Metrics and the Delta Institute for the Gary Redevelopment Commission. GGIT identifies optimal sites for new conservation land, neighborhood recreation, and beautification, and stormwater management in the City of Gary. Each of these topics has its own map and index rating system. Each index is based on factors stemming from “Most Available Land” and “Highest Impact Land.” See these indices and their factors explained below. Users can view the primary indices and each component layer of each index independently. Use this tool for decision support.

The Market Strength Analysis tool helps identify the weak, transitional, and strong neighborhood markets in the city. The tool allows public sector officials to more precisely craft intervention strategies in weak markets and support sustainable growth in stronger markets. Each neighborhood is given a strength rating overall and across various measures of neighborhood health.